Organizing Products I Use – Spice Organizers and Turntables

Even before we moved, I knew I needed to do something with my spices. The little grocery store I go to sells locally grown spices in small plastic bags. I love that they are locally grown and that they are much less expensive than bottled spices. However, those little bags get messy, even if you containerize them. Organizing Products I Use - Spice Organizers and Turntables @

My solution? Little plastic bottles I bought from Uline. Yes, I had to pay for the containers, but only once. Now I can refill them as needed without the cost of the bottles. I used my label maker to label each container.

I was shocked at the number of spices I had! To prevent cooking boredom, I have been trying out a lot of new recipes, hence new spices.  Some of them are on my Pinterest, if you care to check them out.

Next I bought a stair-step spice organizer that expands (got it from Amazon). And no, I didn’t organize them alphabetically. Maybe I should. Haven’t gotten there yet. :)

You can see the finished product on the right. I did keep some of my bottled spices, especially those  that I like to shake out Рred pepper flakes, for example. But when they run out, I might transfer them to my Uline containers. I still have a few unused ones.

Organizing Products I Use - Spice Organizers and Turntables @ what to do with all those oils and vinegars? Since my cabinets are very tall and I’m pretty short, I opted for turntables on the second shelf. I have three: one for oils, etc., one for tall spices, and one for vinegars and such. The turntables make all those ingredients readily accessible without needing a step stool.

My mixer and canisters are on the counter, making it a convenient baking area. Measuring spoons and cups, spatulas, whisks, and bakeware are in cabinets and drawers below to save steps.

I love having many of my cooking ingredients available in one place and easy to see and reach. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted for a price I didn’t mind paying, but I’m so happy with my choices. It’s worth researching different options until you find what you want.

I smile each time I open this cabinet.

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