3 Apps Every College Student Needs to Get Organized

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“Organization in college is not a myth. Knowing when everything is happening and being there on time is possible, but getting distracted and missing out on things happens all the time. With the help of some of the latest college organization apps on the market, even forgetful students can live the organized and complete college lifestyle.

With smartphones and iPhones being pedaled by every able-bodied wireless phone network, the constant evolution of the app market and the apps themselves, organizing has never been easier. There are quite a few apps that cater to a specific flavor of organization, college life.

1. College TA.

College TA does everything an organization app should do and does so with a rather fun, cartoon-like interface. College TA is divided into four tabs: Assignments, Calendar, To-Do, and the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar’s Office is where the majority of the work gets done on this app. According to addictivetips.com, it lets users keep a record of all work assigned by sorting it by the course or the professor who assigned the work. Each option allows full customization. In the professor section, users can profile the teacher with a save name, contact info and more. Users can also build a database for every course they are studying, which includes setting alarms and reminders.

2. inClass.

Available for free, this app allows users to schedule assignments and events as well as set alarms. One thing that sets this app apart is that it allows for multimedia notes to be taken, be it photos, videos, audio recordings or text notes. To go hand in hand with this, inClass also allows for direct printing from your device. The app also allows users to export notes from their phone or tablet to their computer through iTunes, according to inclassapp.com. In addition to these features, inClass also allows for one-touch sharing of class notes through the app. With sharing, students who have missed class can check what has been shared on inClass and pick up whatever was missed. This app steps up by adding more than just a calendar and schedule planning.

3. iStudiez Pro.

This app allows for complete customization of any kind of information that a student needs. The app offers easy management of all assignments by sorting them by date, course, priority or due dates. It even tracks the grades received. iStudiez Pro also offers a schedule planner to manage your course details, locations, instructor information, holidays and grades. The app then takes these bundles of information and integrates them into an interactive calendar that reflects all classes and assignments in month and week views, according to istudentpro.com. Color coding and icons are also enabled in the interactive calendar to make classes and their associated assignments easily visible and recognizable. The final big thing that iStudiez Pro does is keep track of grades in percentage, points or letters and then calculates the student’s GPA. iStudiez Pro also allows for cloud syncing that gives an additional guarantee of safeguarding data. iStudiez Pro is available on the appstore for $2.99 on iPhone and iPad, and available for $9.99 on Macs. There is also a lite version of the app for users who are want to try before they buy, according to istudentpro.com.

Organization at college shouldn’t be a hassle and shouldn’t take up more time than academics or fun activities. There are tons of apps on the Google Play and the App Store that will eliminate wasted time spent on trying to organize, eliminating the stress that accompanies it. Whether it is a paid app with all the bells and whistles like iStudiez Pro or a free app like inClass, these organization apps will help keep college life rolling smoothly.”

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