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Hints on Organizing Your Spring Cleaning

In some parts of the country Spring is showing up. Here in Montana, warmer weather comes a little later. We still have piles of snow in our front yard from shoveling! Nevertheless, it’s a great time to do a little spring cleaning! After all, studies show that spring cleaning has mental health benefits! And we […]

DIY Purse Storage

Here’s a great idea from Real Simple to organize purses: hang shower curtain hooks on your closet rod. If you don’t have enough room in your closet,  install a tension rod or another type of rod in an used area. More DIY closet storage ideas: DIY Closet Door Stoage DIY Scarf Storage DIY Closet Storage […]

My January Project, Part 1 – Master Closet

January is National Organizing Month, and for good reason. Everyone feels a need to put life back in order after the chaos (and fun!!) of Christmas. That’s why organizing products are on sale everywhere you go. How convenient! I’ve decided to tackle my closets this month. We’ve lived in our new house since April, and […]

January – A Great Time to Stock Up on Organizing Products, if …

I love it when all the organizing products start hitting the shelves! Christmas was barely over before the shelves were stocked with inspiring organizing products! Since January is National Organizing Month, and people are motivated to declutter and organize, it’s a great combination! IF … you know what your organizing needs are. It’s so tempting […]

DIY Closet Door Storage

In my internet quest for clever organizing and storage ideas, here’s a brilliant one – inside-the-closet-door storage! It reminds me of pantry storage, but creates additional storage in any room! Great extra storage for a kid’s room. More on DIY storage: DIY Kitchen Utensil Rack DIY Gift Wrap Organizer DIY Under-the-Bed Storage

DIY Gift Wrap Organizer

In my ongoing search for clever organizing ideas, I found this ingenious way of keeping gift wrap under control: using wire closet shelving! This is how The Family Handyman describes it: “Propping up rolls of gift wrap in the corner of a hall closet often means wrinkled, torn or lost rolls. Here’s a way to […]

Organizing Products I Use – Organizing Sandal and Flip Flop Storage

As I went through the summer and end-of-summer sales, I began accumulating enough sandals and flip flops to create a mess in my closet! I’ve posted a solution using dry cleaner hangers, but I didn’t want to sacrifice that much closet space. What to do? I chose an over-the-door shoe organizer. I could get a […]

Organizing Sheets and Pillowcases – Another Idea from Redbook

  “Never lose a pillowcase again! Here’s how: If the clean set isn’t going directly onto a bed, fold and stash it in one of the pillowcases to keep everything together”. (Redbook) I’ve shared this idea before, but the picture is so much nicer on Redbook’s post! I’ve been storing my sheets like this for […]

DIY Closet Storage from Flea Market Finds

The Lovely Cupboard posted this clever idea for storing purses, scarves and anything else! Attaching flea market baskets to your closet door or wall using 3M hooks or nails provides easy, accessible extra storage! It also makes use of small spaces which might not otherwise be productive. Don’t you love it? More closet storage ideas: […]