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Save Time Spring Cleaning Your Silver

I know, I know … people don’t entertain much with silver any more. I hadn’t used my silver for years. But it’s fun to use it for those special showers, receptions or other events. The ladies in our church decided to have a spring tea for girls and ladies last Saturday – with silver, real […]

4 Decluttering Questions to Ask Yourself

Spring brings on an urge to freshen up your house. Whether you are decluttering or doing spring cleaning, it’s a great time to clear out the excess. To make the process a little easier, here are four questions to ask yourself as you go: 1. Is it functional? If it’s broken or has missing pieces, […]

Hints on Organizing Your Spring Cleaning

In some parts of the country Spring is showing up. Here in Montana, warmer weather comes a little later. We still have piles of snow in our front yard from shoveling! Nevertheless, it’s a great time to do a little spring cleaning! After all, studies show that spring cleaning has mental health benefits! And we […]

Upcycling Your Clutter

I’m usually encouraging people to get rid of clutter. Today, I have been alerted (by my daughter) to some ideas for re-using your clutter by upcycling it – turning it into something useful. I’m all about efficiency – getting the most bang out of a buck, and that includes repurposing something instead of throwing it […]

Organizing Finances for 2014

As we’re organizing for taxes, it’s a good time to think through finances for the year. I found the following comprehensive list of how to organize your finances month by month – and is it ever comprehensive!! I forgot to post this in January, so we’ll have to play catch up with that month.  I’m […]

80% Off Sale on My Printed Organizing Books!! Only $1 each!

Let’s get organized! January is the month to get organized – National Organizing Month! I’m having a blowout sale – 80% off my printed organizing books. They are usually $4.99, but during the month of January, they are just $1!!! These include: Three Steps to Decluttering Three Steps to Organizing Your Office Three Steps to […]

Half Price – 12 Tips to Destressing Christmas

Start now to destress Christmas in order to make it meaningful and joy-filled. Maybe I can help: Twelve Tips to Destressing Christmas is half price Twelve Tips to Destressing Christmas offers ideas for planning an intentional, meaningful and peaceful Christmas.  Topics include: Planning an Intentional Christmas, Considering the Needs of Your Family and Friends, Smart […]

A Great Organizing Tool – Reusable Labels

Sometimes things change when you’re organizing. Why not have labels that can change with you? These labels are reusable in a couple of ways: you can remove them from one item and put them on another, and you can erase the text and rewrite it.   I found several varieties of these chalkboard labels at […]

DIY Kitchen Utensil Rack

I love some of the great ideas from Better Homes and Gardens. Here’s an inexpensive take on a kitchen utensil rack: “Professional chefs hang their cooking utensils within easy reach, so why shouldn’t you? But some professional-grade stainless-steel systems are expensive. Make a low-cost, high-impact copycat using a short metal rod outfitted with steel S […]

Destressing Christmas – Already? … Yep!

If you really want to destress your holidays, start now! Twelve Tips to Destressing Christmas has a plethora of ideas to help make your celebrations meaningful and joy-filled. Things like being intentional about your celebrations, creating memories, planning meals, smart and green gift-giving, decluttering, and much more! Give yourself the gift of a destressed Christmas! […]