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Upcycling Your Clutter

I’m usually encouraging people to get rid of clutter. Today, I have been alerted (by my daughter) to some ideas for re-using your clutter by upcycling it – turning it into something useful. I’m all about efficiency – getting the most bang out of a buck, and that includes repurposing something instead of throwing it […]

DIY Purse Storage

Here’s a great idea from Real Simple to organize purses: hang shower curtain hooks on your closet rod. If you don’t have enough room in your closet,  install a tension rod or another type of rod in an used area. More DIY closet storage ideas: DIY Closet Door Stoage DIY Scarf Storage DIY Closet Storage […]

My January Project, Part 2 – Guest Bathroom Storage

I’m tackling closets and cupboards this month. Since we’ve been in our new house for almost a year now, I now know what we’re using, how often we’re using it, whether it’s in the right place, and whether we even want it!

My January Project, Part 1 – Master Closet

January is National Organizing Month, and for good reason. Everyone feels a need to put life back in order after the chaos (and fun!!) of Christmas. That’s why organizing products are on sale everywhere you go. How convenient! I’ve decided to tackle my closets this month. We’ve lived in our new house since April, and […]

January – A Great Time to Stock Up on Organizing Products, if …

I love it when all the organizing products start hitting the shelves! Christmas was barely over before the shelves were stocked with inspiring organizing products! Since January is National Organizing Month, and people are motivated to declutter and organize, it’s a great combination! IF … you know what your organizing needs are. It’s so tempting […]

80% Off Sale on My Printed Organizing Books!! Only $1 each!

Let’s get organized! January is the month to get organized – National Organizing Month! I’m having a blowout sale – 80% off my printed organizing books. They are usually $4.99, but during the month of January, they are just $1!!! These include: Three Steps to Decluttering Three Steps to Organizing Your Office Three Steps to […]

DIY Closet Door Storage

In my internet quest for clever organizing and storage ideas, here’s a brilliant one – inside-the-closet-door storage! It reminds me of pantry storage, but creates additional storage in any room! Great extra storage for a kid’s room. More on DIY storage: DIY Kitchen Utensil Rack DIY Gift Wrap Organizer DIY Under-the-Bed Storage

A Great Organizing Tool – Reusable Labels

Sometimes things change when you’re organizing. Why not have labels that can change with you? These labels are reusable in a couple of ways: you can remove them from one item and put them on another, and you can erase the text and rewrite it.   I found several varieties of these chalkboard labels at […]

Getting Organized for School – Organizing Papers and Assignments

When we were foster parents, we usually had at least one child who lost homework papers, assignments, etc. One of our foster daughters came up with a wonderful idea: a colorful plastic expandable file we got at Walmart. It’s only about 2 inches thick and has several compartments. She labeled a section for each of […]

DIY Kitchen Utensil Rack

I love some of the great ideas from Better Homes and Gardens. Here’s an inexpensive take on a kitchen utensil rack: “Professional chefs hang their cooking utensils within easy reach, so why shouldn’t you? But some professional-grade stainless-steel systems are expensive. Make a low-cost, high-impact copycat using a short metal rod outfitted with steel S […]